Woman posted online ad asking for unwanted babies to be dropped off in a 'baby box' because her teenage daughter wanted a child

Elaine Williams
A Georgia woman has been arrested after she posted a Craigslist ad asking for unwanted babies to be dropped off at her doorstep to give to her teenage daughter.

Elaine Williams, 47, of Cumming, north of Atlanta, told police that her 14-year-old wanted a baby of her own so she helped her try to get one via the website rather than through other methods.

Williams was arrested for domestic-unlawful advertisement/inducement for adoption of children after putting out the ad saying that unwanted children could be dropped off in a 'baby box'.

The daughter is facing a juvenile version of the same charges, Forsyth County Sheriff’s Office's Deputy Epifanio Rodriguez told Daily Mail.

Under Georgia law it is illegal to advertise to accept children unless one has been verified by state authorities.

The offense is a felony and violators face up to a $100,000 fine and ten years in prison.

Rodriguez said that a concerned citizen told police about the post, which did not contain any offers of money for a child.

Police then started a sting operation where they made contact with the woman as potential baby suppliers before arresting her.

As of Monday morning she was in county jail on $5,610 bond.

This summer police in Atlanta looked into a Craigslist post with a pregnant woman advertising a 'guaranteed white' baby in exchange for drugs or money, though some said the post was a hoax.

Credit: DailyMail