The moment cops arrest Dylann Roof, the terrorist in South Carolina church shooting (PHOTOS & VIDEO)

Dramatic video has emerged of the moment cops arrested Charleston massacre suspect Dylann Roof and then high-fived as he was placed in the back of a patrol car.

Dashcam footage has been released of the 21-year old's apprehension in Shelby, North Carolina, on Thursday, 16 hours after he gunned down nine innocent African Americans at the Emmanuel AME Church in Charleston, 240 miles away.

Police vehicles are seen stopped on the side of a road, surrounding Roof's black Hyundai, before officers step out and approach the driver's side door - one with his weapon drawn.

Without a struggle, Roof gets out of the car and allows cops to frisk him before he is placed in handcuffs.

He is then dragged to a patrol car, checked again, and forced into the back seat.

One of the clips, obtained by ABC, shows the officers congratulating each other as the huge manhunt for the high school dropout came to an end.

The police chief who arrested him, Jeff Ledford, said officers then bought Roof a Burger King meal - fries and a burger - because he complained he was hungry.

He is now in protective custody, away from the general prison population, and has since been charged with nine counts of murder.


Credit: Daily Mail

Photo & Video Credit: Shelby PD