Senate President, Bukola Saraki opens up on controversial National Assembly wardrobe allowance

The purported N9 billion wardrobe allowance that newly appointed National Assembly members will be receiving next week is still a hot topic.

Senate president, Bukola Saraki tool to Twitter to weigh in on the matter:
"Chairman of Revenue Mobilisation Allocation & fiscal Commission was in my office to clarify wardrobe allowance. Amount is N506,600 per Senator"

"Fixing of renumeration of political office holders is sole responsibility of Revenue Mobilisation Allocation & Fiscal Commission"

"With the current challenges we are facing as a nation, RMFAC will be reviewing allowances to reflect the current economic trend."

"I have just being informed that RMFAC will be publishing details of allowances on their website"

"8th Assembly will do everything to break the jinx and make PIB a priority. It will do Nigeria a lot of good. "