PDP lawmakers blast APC lawmakers and leadership

The Peoples Democratic Party members in the House of Representatives lambasted the APC over the events of Thursday.

Leo Ogor spoke on behalf of the PDP members.
“A very embarrassing and unpleasant action took place from the APC group. They decided to take laws into their hands, turned the House upside down and went as far as even carrying the mace which is the symbol of authority.

“Today became like a wasted day because motions that were supposed to have been taken that border on matters of national urgent importance that affect our constituencies. A host of other issues we were unable to take them due to the unacceptable action that you saw on the floor of the house,” Mr. Ogor said.
He appealed to the APC members to always respect rules and due in their actions however the situation.
“I want to appeal specifically to the leadership of APC that there clear processes in addressing issues, this approach will not solve any problem. They have crisis within their own party, they should be able to resolve it than bring it to the green chamber.

“I find what happened today very embarrassing and if this is the kind of leadership and change they are trying to bring to Nigerians, we are not going to accept this modality of change,” he added.

“It is in our collective interest that we respect the principles of democracy
In every democracy, the majority will always have their way and the minority will have their say. When elections were conducted, that election was very transparent and Dogara emerged.

“As a speaker he is no more a speaker of APC. He is speaker of the House of Representatives. He is guided by the 1999 constitution and our oath of allegiance stipulates very clearly that we will respect the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria without fear or favour,” he said.
Credit: Premium Times