Nigerians abroad asks Federal Govt to establish Diaspora Commission

Nigerians living abroad have asked President Muhammadu Buhari to establish the Diaspora Commission to take care of the interest of Nigerians living in different parts of the world.

Coordinator of Buhari Friends Organisations Network (BFON), Mr. Charles Sylvester Emukowhate, told newsmen in Jos that the commission would harness and coordinate the potentials of all Nigerians living in different parts of the globe for national development.

Secondly, they were to push for an amendment in the electoral law that would allow Nigerians living abroad to vote in Nigeria elections wherever they were living, adding that Nigerians abroad had repatriated more than $10 billion back home.

Emukowhate, who is an entrepreneur in UK and Chairman of the Nigerian Entrepreneur Association, UK, said that Nigerians living abroad supported Buhari because they believed that he would fight corruption, restore peace and security and bring the expected change in Nigeria.
He said, “We in the Diaspora will want the president to establish a Diaspora Commission. This commission, when put in place will harness the human and material resources of Nigerians living in different parts of the world and galvanise them for national development.

“In the last one year, Nigerians in the Diaspora have repatriated well over $10 billion and so their wishes and welfare cannot be neglected. Thirdly, Nigerians in the Diaspora have been yearning and clamouring for the right to vote in Nigeria's elections and we are calling on the government to ensure that this happens.

"The expectations of people in the Diaspora is that we need good governance and accountability, which we are sure we will get under Buhari as a result of his pedigree. Also we are sure that he will fight corruption, ensure security of lives and property and restore discipline in governance. This will attract foreign investment in the country."
He said that the four-points as enumerated by the president as priority areas - security, corruption, economy and job creation - were instructive and key to the success of this administration and to rebuilding Nigeria as a nation.
Emukowhate added, “I believe that these four form the bedrock for a new Nigerian state. On the economy, the major issue is that of infrastructure and the provision of steady and uninterrupted electricity supply. When power is provided, it will drive and boost the manufacturing sector and increase employment of labour.

There is need to diversify the economy from oil to other sectors like Agriculture in order to reduce our over dependence on oil. This will create employment and curb restiveness, not only among the youths, but generally among the populace.”
Credit: Seriki Adinoyi/ThisDay