APC Senators fight over Senate leadership (VIDEO)

A meeting of the APC Senate Caucus in the National Assembly came to an abrupt end with some lawmakers in near fisticuffs over Senate leadership positions.
The APC Caucus in the Senate on Tuesday to deliberate on the remaining positions in the Senate leadership, namely; Senate Majority Leader, Minority Leader, as well as the Chief Whip and Deputy Chief Whip.

However, at the end of the meeting it was obvious that lawmakers did not agree on the candidates to fill these positions.

Senator Suleiman Nazif told Channels Television that the APC has sent to the Senate President, the names of the senators to fill the leadership positions.

But another member of the party serving in the upper legislative chamber, Senator Ibrahim Gobir, said the matter of choosing the Senate leadership should be left to the APC Caucus in the National Assembly.

Credit: Channels


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