Match abandoned after pitch was invaded by thousands of frogs

A referee in Switzerland had to abandon a match in one of Zurich’s amateur leagues after the pitch was invaded by thousands of frogs.

Embrach and Räterschen had completed 41 minutes of their match on Friday and were locked together at 2-2 when they were forced off by the invasion.

According to a report on Embrach’s website, initially just a few gatecrashed the field of play but after a few minutes, “it was swarming with thousands of frogs”.

Vice president Sandro Caviola told the 20 Minuten newspaper that it is a problem they have encountered before, although never in such large numbers.
“It has occurred on and off,” he said. “But something like Friday we have never experienced before.”
The frog invasion is believed to have followed heavy rains in the Zurich area last week.
“The frogs were travelling to the forest — unfortunately, our [field] is on the way there,” Caviola said.
Embrach and Räterschen are hopeful the frogs will have dispersed in time for them to replay their match on 11 May.

Credit: Guardian Sport