Japan offers Nigeria N500million in support of disaster reduction

The government of Japan has offered a grant of 500 million Naira to Nigeria in support of disaster reduction equipment.

The grant was made known to reporters on Friday at a meeting between the Japanese Ambassador, Mr Masaya Otsuka and the Minister of Planning in Abuja.

Mr Masaya said the effort was aimed at preventing disaster before it occurs, thereby saving thousands of lives that would have been lost.

Nigeria has in the last five years recorded more number of displaced persons caused mostly by acts of terrorism by members of the Boko Haram that have carried out series of attacks on communities in the oil-rich nation’s north-east.

The Nigerian President, Goodluck Jonathan, had told the UN Security Council in New York that the attacks have led to deaths of over 13,000 persons.

Africa’s most populous nation had also been forced to provide for some persons made homeless as a result of flood in some parts of the country.

Credit: Channels