President Jonathan confident of defeating Buhari​

President Goodluck Jonathan remains confident he will win a second term despite the growing popularity of his main challenger, Muhammadu Buhari.

With elections less than two weeks away, Mr. Jonathan told the BBC in an interview that he has nothing to worry about, as his ruling Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, remains the strongest party in Nigeria despite Mr. Buhari’s All Progressives Congress, APC’s widespread support.
“I will surely win it… My party is still the strongest party,” the president said.
The interview was published Friday, a day after the chairman of PDP, Adamu Mu’azu, admitted the surging popularity of the opposition meant his party cannot secure a landslide in the presidential, parliamentary and governorship elections.

Mr. Mu’azu however expressed confidence that the PDP will “perform creditably”.
“Our major concern in the Peoples Democratic Party is not to allow the country to be hijacked by desperadoes masquerading as purveyors of good governance, who promise heaven and earth to the people without any intention of fulfilling their election promises in the name of change,” the PDP chairman said in a statement Thursday.

“While I do not see a landslide victory coming, I am convinced that our party will perform creditably in the Southwest and the North of Nigeria and elsewhere in all the elections this year because the evidence is clear that despite our travails at the beginning, we have done very well over the past fifteen years of our nascent democracy since 1999 to record victory. Those who disbelieve our resilience will be surprised for victory is ours.”
In a wide-ranging interview with the BBC, Mr. Jonathan repeated his comments that he believed the abducted Chibok school girls are alive since the jihadist sect, Boko Haram, has not shown they had been killed.
“We have not seen dead girls that is the good news. I believe they are still alive, I believe we will get them,” he said.
The president said the Nigerian military will hopefully recover the remaining territories under Boko Haram control in less than a month.

Credit: Premium Times