Michel Platini re-elected as UEFA president ...for the third time

Michel Platini has been re-elected as UEFA president for a third four-year term.

Platini was unopposed in the election and will continue his work in the top job, which he first took over in 2007.

He also retains his FIFA vice-presidency for four more years.

The former France superstar and Ballon d'Or winner opted last year not to stand against Sepp Blatter in the forthcoming FIFA presidential election which takes place May 29.

Platini has made it clear he does not support Blatter standing for a fifth term but he used his acceptance speech to insist that UEFA had "love and respect" for FIFA.
"This means more to me than you can possibly imagine," Platini told the UEFA Congress in Vienna.

"I know I can count on you, and you know that you can count on me.

"This allows me to continue for another four years. I do want to say that we love FIFA deeply, and it's precisely because we love and respect FIFA that we want it to be perfect.

"We are only demanding about the people and institutions we care about."
Addressing the presidents of the other five confederations, he added: "We want a FIFA that is respectable and respected.
"Certain people are trying to turn us against each other and isolate us and call us arrogant and selfish Europeans - but don't believe everything you hear.

"We know we are in a privileged position and we will work for the good of the 209 national associations and the good of FIFA as well.

"Whatever the results of May 29, that's why we are going to continue to work together."
Credit: SkySports