First Lady, Patience Jonathan redefines corruption

Nigeria’s First Lady, Patience Jonathan, on Friday took to the podium to explain to women in Akwa Ibom State the meaning of ‘corruption’.

While addressing the crowd during the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) Women Presidential Rally in Uyo, Mrs. Jonathan said the promise by the All Progressives Congress (APC) to fight corruption were “all lies”.
“Akwa Ibom people, judge o. Because we are not here for lies. We are not here for propaganda. Because their own number one campaign is corruption. As if they are not corrupt. They are not corrupt,” Mrs. Jonathan said.

“What do you call corruption? He has a house. You, are you living outside? Are you living in the forest? It’s corruption.

“In abroad, if a young boy works so hard and buys a copter, we praise the boy. But in Nigeria, if a young boy works so hard and buys a copter, we say he’s corrupt. Why?

“Why can’t we encourage the young ones to grow? Why can’t we encourage them to do better? We, our mother born us and train us, why they train us is that we should be better than them. Are we to bring the young ones down? It’s not our portion,” she added.
Mrs. Jonathan urged the women not to vote for the APC because, according to her, they have nothing to offer.
“A bird in hand is worth a million in the bush. Nigerian women, let us shine our eyes. Women of Nigeria, are you ready to go to prison? Are you ready to go and give your father food in the prison? It is not our portion. We reject it.

“Akwa Ibom State is a PDP state. It’s not for expired drugs, because APC cannot heal you, outdated drugs cannot heal you. Let them call it any name. Just like my husband's younger brother (Governor Akpabio) has said, they will continue changing name until they will reach Ebola. And they will call it Ebola.

“You know what Ebola normally does? Although Dr. Goodluck Ebele Jonathan has said Nigeria is not Ebola country. So they cannot bring Ebola to Nigeria because Dr. Goodluck Ebele Jonathan and PDP government will wipe it out. And they will bury it, because it cannot stay here at all.

“So let them continue changing their name. If they fail this time, because I know they have failed, you will hear they will change their name again. They will change it and answer another name,” she said.
Credit: ThisDay