Helicopters drop Boko Haram pamphlets and flyers in Adamawa

Locals in the central parts of Adamawa state have disclosed seeing helicopters dropping pamphlets and flyers whose content indicated regrets by atoned members of the Boko Haram sect, confessing that they were brainwashed by some leaders of the sect to loot, destroy properties and kill innocent Nigerians.

The pamphlets were written in English, Hausa and Arabic languages
but the contradiction and confusion in the messages is that the pamphlets were signed by towns not persons, namely Gamboru, Damask and Alagamo.

In one of the pamphlets, the atoned sect members claimed regretting the killings, maiming and lootings, as they also laments how they destroyed the country’s economy and urged their former colleagues to have a rethink and run for their dear lives before it is too late.

The locals claimed that the pamphlets and flyers were seen distributed at about 5am on Friday, as they added that the development ensued tensions and apprehension in the affected areas.

On of locals who simply Identified himself as Kabiru said that ’People begun to fear,so I immediately phoned the executive chairman of the council to intimate him, who also confirmed from security chiefs in Yola ,saying it was military helicopters spreading peace message to residents,’’

Kabiru who hails from Gombi noted that there was serious confusion in Gombi as the helicopters dropped the flyers of what appears to be a Boko Haram splinter group as it contained apologies to the people .
"We are shocked and there was apprehension ,when we saw the helicopter hovering over us dropping the pamphlets with Boko Haram inscription indicating their regrets.

"People begun to scamper, until it was understood that it was a military helicopter spreading peace message to us," said a community leader in Gombi, who doesn’t want his names mention.
Another panicked resident Bello Adamu said in a telephone chat that, ‘’the pamphlets are written in three different languages namely Hausa, English and Arabic. I got that of Hausa and English.
"It read thus: We started this jihad of Ahlis sunna lidda awati together as one. We sleep together, we eat and drink together. We studied the Holy Quran and prayed together in the early days of this Jihad. Those of us that are doing the work of God for the past 5yrs today. We have to realize today that we are being used for selfish and corrupt reasons. We have reached a situation whereby our leaders are enjoying and we are suffering in the name of jihad."
Mr Adamu further that, "We are panicked and afraid, though there are soldiers and other security personnel in town.
He also said the flyers were dropped in Song local government area,
"Two military helicopters dropped flyers saying that it’s from Boko Haram who are now regretting their heinous acts," he said.
This is the second time in recent weeks that Boko Haram claims to have distributed flyers.

During the last episode, Boko Haram surprisingly briefly captured Gombe town, Gombe state and distributed such flyers before leaving.

A critical analysis of the messages showed spellings and pronunciations that appeared Nigerien or Chadian and not Nigerian Hausa ,while the flyers were signed by towns, Gamboru, Damask and Alagamo.

Credit: Daji Sani/ThisDay