Dubai to build 4,000-acre 'Aladdin City' suspended over creek with golden walkways and towers

In the latest of ambitious building projects, officials in Dubai have confirmed work will start on designing 'Aladdin City.'

Comprising six towers, all connected by moving walkways, the development is inspired by the tales of Aladdin from the Middle Eastern folk Tale The Arabian Nights and the more modern Disney blockbuster.

The towers are said to be similar in design to the genie lamp, and are set to shimmer golden in the sunlight.
'We plan to start work on the project next year; we have our own funds to finance the project,' director-general Hussain Nasser Lootah told the Future of Dubai website.
The project was announced publicly in April last year, and will include commercial and hotel areas, as well as parking for 900 cars. 
Credit: John Hutchinson/Daily Mail