President Jonathan promise to minimize terrorism if re-elected

President Goodluck Jonathan on Tuesday in Osogbo said his administration, would reduce the challenges of terrorism in the country if re-elected.

Mr. Jonathan, who made the promise at the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) campaign, said the security challenges in the country would not be forever.

“This terrorism cannot last forever. If my administration is re-elected, terror will be minimal,’’ he said.
On unemployment, Mr. Jonathan said he would create two million jobs on a yearly basis if re-elected.

Mr. Jonathan, who said that 1.8 million youths entered into labour market on a yearly basis, said his administration would continue to tackle the issue of unemployment in the country.

The President then urged the people of the state to vote for him during the Feb.14 presidential election.

He said his administration’s transformation programme in the railway sector, agriculture, electricity among others, was enough to earn him a second term in office.

According to him, his administration will do more for the development of the country if re-elected.