Military probes fall of Baga town to Boko Haram; ...troops abandon newly acquired weapons

The Nigerian military is to probe the circumstances surrounding the recent fall of Baga town being guarded by the troops of the Multinational Joint Task Force (MJTF) into the hands of Boko Haram terrorists, barely two days after the arrival of new sophisticated weapons.

The investigation, according to military authorities, is to also determine the extent of internal and external sabotage to the ongoing operation against the terrorists in the North-east.

A senior military source while speaking to ThisDay on the latest development said that what was shocking is that it depicts a similar pattern to Mubi and Bama debacle where soldiers who were said to be "armed to the teeth abandoned their positions and their weapons after mounting feeble resistance against advancing terrorists".

Findings also revealed that the Chadian component of the MJTF comprising Nigeria and Niger with Cameroun refusing to contribute a single troop since its formation withdrew two days before the attack.

Chadian authorities, according to military source, attributed this sudden withdrawal to no other factor other than routine rotation of troops.

Despite the curious behaviour of the Chadian forces, the military echelons at the Defence Headquarters (DHQ) are said to be more concerned with what they see as an alarming level of moles within the Nigerian troops "who don't want the mission to succeed".

Another military source told ThisDay that the DHQ are currently brainstorming on the actions to take with the high level of cowardice, desertion occasioned by saboteurs within the system who influence others to flee battlefront at the hearing of Boko Haram battle cry "Allahu Akbah".
The source said: "We have noticed a frightening and painful pattern, which suggests that the infiltration is deep. It is painful to note that the troops did not offer much resistance and abandoned a newly acquired weapons to the terrorists.

"To be fair, it’s not that it’s the intention of these troops to exhibit these acts of cowardice but this is the handwork of some moles who in a pre-planned and carefully choreographed form flee at the hearing of Boko Haram battle cry 'Allahu Akbah' thereby creating confusion for the rest who also flee with them".

"However, the most painful thing is that they have just been supplied with new sophisticated weapons and the fear is that having abandoned these type of arms and ammunition to the terrorists, these cowards are trying to reverse our gains just similar to what happened in Mubi.

"We also suspect that there maybe massive desertion by those soldiers who absconded from the battlefield, which is being reported as missing because we have secured back most of them. They know the consequences of their actions and may resort to blackmail using their collaborators", the source added.
Despite the fall of the town, an authoritative military source has vowed that Baga will not be conceded to the terrorists.

Credit: Senator Iroegbu/ThisDay


  1. they lost Baga town due to fear of death


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