"I see [2015] election as Nigeria’s turning point.’ - Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor

Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor, the President, Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), has urged Nigerians of all tribes and religions to unite against challenges in 2015.

He said Nigerians should approach 2015 with a renewed sense of vigour and the understanding for the development of the country.

Oritsejafor made the call in a New Year message, he said Nigerians should approach 2015 by inviting God’s presence to lead the country in everything and approach issues with a positive mind.
“If we want peace and prosperity then we must work for it and not lament over challenges; this is the spirit that will lead Nigeria to the promise land,’’ he said.
According to Oritsejafor, Nigerians must learn to support their leaders in prayers and physical support in the New Year.

He said Nigerians should show love and make sacrifices for the nation collectively, in a quest for a better Nigeria in 2015.
“Despite the daunting challenges in 2014, we were able to weather the storm and have emerged even stronger and can be counted among people of strong character and unwavering faith.

“We have come to the end of another eventful year that truly tested our strengths and weaknesses; measured our faith in God and stretched our limits beyond what we all could have imagined.

“As we reflect on the events of the past year and look forward to the times ahead, I want us to concentrate on the issue of overcoming all challenges,’’ he said.
Oritsejafor allayed fears among many Nigerians that the 2015 general elections would throw the country into chaos.
“As a man of faith, I see the election as Nigeria’s turning point.’’
He urged leaders in the country to be wise and courageous in their decisions in the coming year.
“It has already been known that the challenges are becoming multifaceted from insecurity to crashing oil prices and many others.

“I see a lot of positives and opportunities in the midst of these challenges and that is what I want Nigerians to absorb in their hearts.

“The year 2015 may seem quite challenging for Nigeria, but it is one that equally holds a lot of hope and promise that could lead to the fulfillment that we have all yearned for.

“I believe that 2015 might just be that year in which Nigeria’s socio-economic revolution will be actualised,’’ he said.
Oritsejafor commended the gallant men and women in the battle against insurgents and wished Nigerians well in the New Year.

Credit: Vangaurd