Boko Haram threatens Cameroon in new video

In a new video released by the terrorist group, Boko Haram, its leader, Abubakar Shekau, has sent threats to the Cameroonian President, Paul Biya, promising to attack the leader and his country.

In the video, Mr. Shekau described the system of governance in Cameroon as unholy and demanded that Mr. Biya repent and only use the teaching of the prophet of Islam.

He also promised to replicate the group’s terrorist acts in Nigeria in Cameroon.
“It’s either you repent or you will face the trauma your neighbour, Nigeria, is facing from us at the moment,” he said.
In the 17:39 minutes video, Mr. Shekau spoke about 11 minutes in Arabic, three minutes in Hausa and three minutes in Kanuri, repeating the same sentiments.

He said the group was determined to make sure Mr. Biya and the people of Cameroon felt the wrath of the group in due course.
“This message is to the leader of Cameroon, Paul Biya,” he said. “Paul Biya, I am sending this message to you not for you to take it from me but for you to believe and take it that it is a message coming from Allah, our creator. You should know that democracy is not the way of Allah and that of the teaching of the prophet Muhammad. Repent now and have our mercy or ignore and face our wrath. I am calling on you the people of Cameroon to stop following the constitution and embrace the teaching of Islam. You should know that what you are practicing as a government is not Islam.

“France, Obama, United Nations are no Islam and we deny you from following them. This world does not believe there is God, so stop deceiving yourselves that you are doing the right thing following one book called the constitution.”
At the end of the video, Shekau looked at his gun and said, “This is my God.”

He added that members of his group were not afraid of the gun or dying. He then shot sporadically in the air, jumping around.

The Cameroonian army have, in several operations, engaged the group at the border between Nigeria and Cameroon killing many of the group members.

Credit: Mohammed Lere/Premium Times