Wole Soyinka faults US assistance to Nigeria over Boko Haram

Nobel Laureate, Prof Wole Soyinka, has taken a swipe at the United States of America over its half-hearted gesture in assisting Nigeria to prosecute the war against terrorism, stressing that the US government should stop giving excuses over its attitude to Nigeria.

Briefing newsmen on Tuesday in Lagos, Soyinka in his speech called on the US to stop giving excuses over its refusal to sell cobra helicopters to Nigeria, stating that the excuses were baseless.

Soyinka's comments are coming on the heels of a recent interview with a national daily granted by former military ruler, Gen. Yakubu Gowon, who also accused the United States government of not being friendly to Nigeria.
According to Soyinka, "I want to appeal to the Americans to please stop laughing at us. They should stop ridiculing this nation. The government claimed that it asked for cobra helicopters.

"The government of Jonathan asked for little weapons to destroy the enemies. We are in a situation of destroy or to be destroyed. They asked for the weapons even for self defence, I think the Americans should not boast of what they have done to supply assistance to vulnerable affected households.

"All are laudable and nobody is in disagreement with them. These are necessities. But this is not the response I expect to the situation of war. This nation is at war. And this nation is asking for certain forms of assistance.

"Please United States of America, could you please overlook the arithmetical deficiency of governance and stop giving an excuse to this government for failing to protect us. Please just say that you will not supply arms to Nigeria and leave it at that.

"Don’t say that you sent other things, that is not the issue at this critical time in Nigeria.''

Credit: Ojo Maduekwe/ThisDay