Impatient passenger opens emergency exit on plane

A man was arrested after he opened the emergency exit on board a plane 'to get off quicker.'

Shortly after the China Eastern flight MU2331 from Xi’an arrived at Sanya Fenghaung International Airport in Hainan, the impatient Chinese passenger made for an alternative exit out.

By activating the emergency exit, he deployed the emergency slide; the whole event caused an almost two-hour delay to the flight.

When asked why he had broken the rules, the passenger replied by saying he had 'wanted to get off the plane quicker.'

He also claimed he had not listened to the in-flight instructions, saying that he was not aware you couldn't use the emergency exit to disembark.

The on-board flight attendants tried in vain to prevent the slide from deploying, but were caught short.

The man's actions, not only caused delays to his fellow passengers, but is also estimated to have cost the airline £10,000 ($15,724). 

Credit: John Hutchinson/DailyMail