Harrowing pictures of Pakistan school massacre #PeshawarAttack

The first devastating images emerged today of the blood-soaked classrooms where 132 innocent children and 10 teachers were massacred by the Taliban.

Horrifying pictures revealed the carnage wrought by seven extremist gunmen who sprayed children with bullets as they sat receiving first aid tuition and exploded suicide bombs in a room of 60 pupils.

As the Pakistani city of Peshawar began the harrowing process of conducting mass funerals, the family of a teacher torched alive in front of her class gathered to say funeral prayers.

Tahira Kazi, the principal of the Army Public School and College in Peshawar, was set on fire by jihadists who slaughtered so many.

It is believed she was targeted because she is married to a retired army colonel, Kazi Zafrullah.

In a grim tour of the building photographers were shown inside the auditorium.

The floor is caked in blood in places and dozens of chairs lie in disarray, knocked over by children running for cover as the terrorists hosed them with bullets.

The lucky ones, it transpired, survived by playing dead under these chairs as the gunmen stalked the room, searching for children they'd missed.

As people around the world united to condemn the attack, the Taliban gloatingly published pictures of the fighters responsible for the slaughter.

A series of chilling images shows them lined up with assault rifles and rocket launchers. 

Chairs are upturned and blood stains the floor at the Army Public School auditorium

Pakistani journalists film and photograph inside an auditorium of the Army Public School

Pakistani soldiers walk amidst the debris as a journalist takes pictures behind them

The terrorists doused some of the female teachers in petrol and set them alight in front of their pupils

Mrs Kazi's body is carried by relatives at her funeral today

People attend the funeral of students killed in Tuesday's Taliban attack in Peshawar

the Taliban gloatingly published pictures of the men responsible for the slaughter

Credit: Daily Mail
Photo Credit: AP/Najeeb Yusufzai/EPA/AFP/Getty Images