Missing Air Force fighter jet found crashed in Adamawa

The parts of an aircraft suspected to be the missing Nigeria Air Force fighter jet,which went missing during routine operations in the northern part of Adamawa State on September 12, were discovered in the River Benue by local fishermen.

The fishermen said they found the aircraft at Kwa Ine Village, Demsa Local Government, Adamawa State about 50 Kilometers away from Yola, the state capital.

A local fisherman in the area, Audu Vrati, suggested the airplane parts may belong to the missing Alpha Jet.
“At the time it crashed, the level of water in the river was high occasioned by the rainy season and the fishermen were able to see it now because the volume of water had receded,” Mr. Vrati explained.
The whereabouts of the missing Alpha Jet had become a subject of conjectures following the inability of the Nigeria Air Force to tell Nigerians what actually happened to the fighter jet.

Boko Haram insurgents later claimed shooting the aircraft down in a video in which they appeared to slaughter one of the pilots of the missing Alpha Jet.

Mr. Vrati said already security operatives had cordoned off the place and were preventing people from visiting the scene of the discovery.

The Nigerian Air Force aircraft went missing on September 12.

The aircraft, an Alpha Jet (NAF 466) was involved in the counter insurgency operation against the extremist Boko Haram sect.

Credit: Iro Dan Fulani/PremiumTimes