Boko Haram kills 35 in Adamawa roadside explosion

Once again, insurgents suspected to be members of Boko Haram struck on Thursday at Maraban Mubi area of Adamawa State where they killed 35 persons following a roadside bomb explosion.

An eyewitness said the bomb was planted by the insurgents to ambush local hunters and military personnel who had been detailed to fortify Mubi town from further attacks by the insurgents.

He said the explosion was timed by the perpetrators so it could blow up the hunters and military personnel, who had arrived at the scene.

The accuracy of the attack resulted in the death of five military personnel and a local hunter on the spot.

It raised fears over access to intelligence by Nigerian troops.

According to the eyewitness, the scene of the blast is a busy area where people returning to the town after the recapture of Mubi gather to conduct business transactions.

A resident of the area, Mallam Usman said the explosive may have been planted by members of the Boko Haram on the day before the blast occurred, adding that the perpetrators knew that the spot was where the soldiers and the hunters usually gather in the morning to strategise on their next line of action.

According to him, the military had also converted the spot where the explosive went off to a checkpoint, since there is usually heavy human and vehicular traffic at the location most of the time.

Credit: Daji Sani/ThisDay 

Photo Credit: PR Nigeria