Roy Keane blasts ‘disgraceful’ Jose Mourinho

Roy Keane’s most outspoken attack on Sir Alex Ferguson branched out into caustic criticisms of José Mourinho as he branded the Chelsea’s manager conduct “disgraceful” and explained why he refused to shake his hand towards the end of Aston Villa’s recent match at Stamford Bridge. 
“The game is still going on,” Keane said. “You wouldn’t do that on a Sunday morning, you would get knocked out.”
Keane was talking at the official launch of his latest autobiography, The Second Half, where he accused Ferguson of telling “lies, basic lies” about him and questioned why the media and other managers – with Tony Pulis indirectly referenced – were either “frightened” of the former Manchester United manager or among his “disciples”.

Yet Mourinho also appears on Keane’s radar as he reflected on being in the opposite dugout during a 3-0 defeat for Villa – and why he had deliberately snubbed the Portuguese when he offered his hand. “I don’t mind all that [mind games] but the game is still going on. It’s disgraceful. I’ve seen him doing it to other managers; it is a disgrace.”

Asked whether it was arrogant and disrespectful, Keane replied: “What do you think? That’s a stupid question.”

Keane was in no mood to be conciliatory as he alleged that former team-mates from Old Trafford had told “lies and lies and lies” about him, but his real spite was reserved for Ferguson. “He was never critical when we were winning trophies and he was getting his new contracts, getting this and that named after him – Sir this, and whatever else. He made millions of pounds out of it. He got his statues. He got his stand named after him. To criticise people who brought him success was just ridiculous.”

Keane explained why he had refused to attend the unveiling of Ferguson’s statue at Old Trafford. “I think I did [get an invitation], yeah. But I don’t think he invited me. It was probably his committee or his son or whatever, but why would I go to that? That was all power and control to him. So he comes in and we’re all standing there [gesturing sycophantic applause] and he’s: ‘I’ve got you where I want you.’”

The former United captain also reflected on how Ferguson had withdrawn his loan players from Preston North End after his son, Darren, had been sacked as their manager – and how Stoke City, then managed by Pulis, had followed suit. “[Roberto] Martínez reckons he was misquoted a few years ago when he said Ferguson had his disciples. But he obviously does. When a manager takes players away from being on loan – I think it was Preston – when his son [Darren] got the sack. And, all of a sudden, all the players are being brought back from their loans.”

Credit: Daniel Taylo/GuardianSport