Court ruling upholding ban on Hijab in Lagos schools angers Muslims

Muslims in the country have expressed anger with a ruling by an Ikeja High Court to maintain a ban on Hijab in public primary and secondary schools in the state.

The Lagos State Area Unit of the Muslim Students Society of Nigeria (MSSN) is protesting the judgment delivered by Justice Grace Onyeabo of the Ikeja High Court.

On September 17, Justice Onyeabo ruled against the use of Islamic headscarves in schools, claiming that it would affect the secular nature of Lagos.

The judge refused to pay heed to numerous arguments over the past two years that the Nigerian constitution and international laws guarantee the freedom of religion, thought and conscience.

However, the MSSN Lagos, according to Press TV, rejected the ruling, describing it as the rape of the constitution.

The MSSN Lagos said it would ask the court to put an end to the humiliation and harassment of female Muslims for wearing Hijab.

MSSN President Kaamil Kalejaiye said the contentious ruling would be appealed, adding, “We appreciate all the individuals and societies that attend the hearing, and we shall proceed to the court of appeal to secure our right as guaranteed by the Nigerian constitution.”

“It is shameful that the judge denied us a right that is not only Godly but constitutionally stated. Do we call that a misinterpretation of the constitution or rape of the code of law? We want to believe that the judge is not higher than the constitution and dictates of the constitution must stand at all times,” he said.
In addition to the current case, there are many legal challenges over Hijab which are pending in courts across Nigeria’s southwestern region.

Two female nurses who were recently sacked due to their Hijab wearing are also in court seeking redress.

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  1. Are there no Islamic schools in this country that permit the use of any, and all Muslim's regalia? If the answer is in the affirmative, then why go else to forment trouble? And if there are none, rather than curse the darkness, you light a candle- Islam is HUGE enough to build schools, up to University level, for its faithfuls.
    I think it's high time we raised ourselves above the pettiness and emptiness of using religion to stop the smooth running of affairs in this country. Enough is enough!


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