President Jonathan promise to implement National Conference report

President Goodluck Jonathan on Thursday said he was going to implement the relevant aspect of the National Conference report, noting that, the report and delegates’ efforts would not be wasted.

Jonathan said at the ceremony to mark the submission of the National Conference Report in Abuja that government’s executive arm would immediately act on those aspects required of it.

He also said the other aspects of the recommendations would be sent to the Council of State and the National Assembly for incorporation into the country’s Constitution.
“We shall send the relevant aspects of your recommendations to the Council of State and the National Assembly for incorporation into the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

“On our part, we shall act on those aspects required of us in the executive. Let me reaffirm this: Nobody has a monopoly of knowledge.

“We who are in government need to feed from the thoughts of those who elected us into power. You have done your patriotic duty. We the elected must now do ours.

“As I receive the report of your painstaking deliberations, let me assure that your work is not going to be a waste of time and resources.

“We shall do all we can to ensure the implementation of your recommendations, which have come out of consensus and not by divisions.

“In this regard, I appeal to all arms of government and the people of Nigeria to be ready to play the different roles the volumes of reports produced would assign to them.

“It is my hope that with what the delegates have done, our country is on the right road to getting the job of nation-building done,” Jonathan said.
The 492-delegate conference, which was inaugurated by Jonathan on March 17, was initially given three months to complete the assignment but the period was subsequently extended by four weeks.

It had also spent one month on preparation for the conference procedure and compilation of the report.