Nigerian military warn women against meddling in troops deployment

The Nigerian military on Monday warned women not to meddle in deployment of troops.

A statement by the Defence Headquarters said that no troop will be sent on an operation without necessary weapon and support needed.

Since Saturday, a group of people, mainly wives and relatives of soldiers, have blocked the gates of Giwa Barracks, Maiduguri.

The group contested the deployment of soldiers from the barracks to confront the Boko Haram insurgents without adequate weapon and support.

Soldiers from Giwa barracks were to have been deployed to Gwoza on Saturday to retake the town from the insurgents who killed scores of people when they took the town on Wednesday.

Two separate attempts by the Nigerian military to retake Gwoza have been repelled by the insurgents leading to the death of several soldiers including a senior officer believed to be a Colonel.

The women protests saying they feared the deployment of their husbands to Gwoza without adequate weaponry would lead to more soldiers’ casualty.

The military statement on Tuesday said the issues raised by the protesting group has also drawn attention from well meaning Nigerians.

It, however, said the situation has been quickly brought under control as the issues raised by the women have been clarified to them by authorities of the 7 Division of the Nigerian Army.

“Although the Situation was quickly brought under control, the issues being raised by the women were clarified to them by the authorities of the 7 Division. It was pointed out that contrary to their belief, there has never been any attempt to relocate them as alleged,” the statement said.
The statement said it is abnormal for any personnel or family member to interfere with soldiers deployment.
“Furthermore, it was made clear that while the Army remains sensitive to the needs of the family members, it was not normal or proper for any Officer or Soldier to decide where he or she be deployed, neither will such demand be encouraged from spouses in a period of serious operation when the entire nation was depending on the Army to address the security challenges,” it said
The military also reassured Nigerians that the situation has been brought under control, while appropriate action would be taken against any person found to be involved in cowardly acts to demoralise troops by preventing them from obeying lawful orders in defence of the country.

Local and international observers have raised issues about the preparedness of the Nigerian ‎Military to tackle the Boko Haram. The insurgents are believed to be better armed than the military despite the trillions of Naira spent on defence in the past few years.