"President Goodluck Jonathan is petty and incompetent" - El-Rufai

Former Minister of the Federal Capital Territory, Nasir el-Rufai, has described the President Goodluck Jonathan as petty and incompetent.

The chief of the All Progressives Congress also believed the Jonathan-led government has reduced Nigeria to a laughing stock in the comity of nations.
“Unfortunately we have a president who is petty. When God has elevated you to the position of being the President, how can you stoop so low as to be concerned about who becomes the Emir of one part of the country which you govern,” said El-Rufai on Tuesday in an interview with SaharaTV, while responding to a question on the insinuation that President was against Mallam Lamido Sanusi being installed as the Emir of Kano.

“Unfortunately, he descended to that level; it is so sad, and it is a reflection of the kind of people we have running our country. The Federal Government did everything to frustrate Sanusi Lamido as Central Bank Governor, removed him abruptly from office, and got people to publish fictitious stories about him. “
El-Rufai argued that all these happened because someone had the courage to say money was being stolen from the country’s treasury and calling on the authorities to investigate and people asked to account for it.
He added, “When God is set to elevate you, no one can bring you down. Whether Jonathan likes it or not, Sanusi is the Emir of Kano.”
El-Rufai debunked reports on the Internet that the new Emir had apologised to Jonathan, describing the report as false.
He said, “Sanusi that I know will not beg anyone for anything when he is right. There is nothing Sanusi has done in office that is not proper, and there is nothing Jonathan could have done to stop him from being the Emir, since the kingmakers had already recommended him, and the governor has appointed him.”
On the issue of the abducted Chibok girls, El-Rufai said, “If Nasir el-Rufai is involved in Boko Haram, what are they waiting for? Arrest and prosecute me.”

He claimed that the Presidency was full of “liars. They only know how to point fingers to anyone for their incompetence.”
The former FCT minister added, “Instead of sitting down and solving problems, they blame others to divert attention from their incompetence. The primary responsibility of any government is to provide security. They have failed woefully. They are focusing on blaming people. If you know who is behind terrorism in APC, you are the government, you have security agencies, you have intelligence agencies, you have the army and the police. Then what are you waiting for?”


  1. but he is your president like it or not you cannot become president in your lifetime


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