World Cup 2014: Police probe 'disabled' fans spotted jumping up from their wheelchairs

A group of supporters who appeared to jump out of their wheelchairs while watching matches at the World Cup are being investigated for possible ticket fraud.

Police are looking into pictures from CCTV and social media which show supposedly wheelchair-bound fans standing during games of the tournament.

Police believe some fans who bought tickets on the black market may have tried to cover their tracks by using wheelchairs to enter the stadium.
Many of the concession tickets designated for disabled fans have fallen into the hands of touts amid the scramble for tickets for some of the most popular games.

There have also been cases of young adults being seen in seats reserved for pensioners.

Touts have been selling tickets for disabled people outside stadiums and on social media websites such as Facebook. The scam is particularly profitable as each ticket for a wheelchair user comes with a free one for a companion.