World Cup 2014: FIFA to investigate Germany fans wearing black face makeup during Ghana match

FIFA is investigating after photographs circulated of fans wearing black face makeup at Germany’s match against Ghana.

Images posted on social media networks showed two men, appearing to be Germany fans, with blackened faces in the Fortaleza stadium on Saturday.

FIFA says its disciplinary committee is in discussion to open a case.
‘We always take any evidence or submissions to our disciplinary committee. It is the disciplinary committee that will meet,’ a spokeswoman told The Guardian. ‘If they see any grounds they will open proceedings. Then it is up to the disciplinary commission to take the decision.’
FIFA holds national football federations responsible for their fans’ behaviour inside stadiums.

Football fans took to Twitter to show their anger towards the fans who decided to paint their faces.
One tweeted: 'World Cup Officials cannot allow blatant racism like this Blackface BS happen at the games. German fans at Ghana game,' while another said: 'How does Germany pay homage to Ghana? By being racist in Blackface of course!'