Prostitute stabs soldier to death in Bayelsa

In a fit of rage, a prostitute in Yenagoa, the Bayelsa State capital, yesterday stabbed a soldier to death following a disagreement over the payment for services rendered.

The soldier (name withheld) was brutally stabbed twice in the stomach by the commercial sex worker at about 4 am at the popular red light spot in Yenagoa called Sand Field Road. The area is also a notorious crime spot.

The incident caused panic among other commercial sex workers and residents of the area as rumours of a possible invasion of the area became rife.

Although the death was not confirmed by the Nigerian Army, there were fears of a reprisal by the military, resulting in the mass exodus of both commercial sex workers and other residents from the area.

When contacted, Hilary Opara, the state Police Commissioner confirmed the incident, disclosing that the “culprit has been arrested and facing investigation”.

An eyewitness told newsmen that an argument had ensued between the two following the refusal of the soldier to pay the commercial sex worker the amount earlier agreed on for an all night tryst.

The refusal of the man infuriated the sex worker who allegedly brought out a dagger from under her pillow and stabbed the soldier twice in the stomach, causing part of his intestines to spill out before he was rushed to a hospital after he had cried out in agony.

“We were surprised and many people ran away to avoid arrest when it happened. We still do not know what will happen after this,” the eyewitness said.
“We heard an argument coming from the prostitutes room and the next thing we saw was the soldier struggling with blood flowing from the wound in his stomach,” he said.