Controversy trails Lagos explosions

There was controversy on Thursday as witnesses said they found it difficult to believe that the Wednesday explosion that rocked the Folawiyo Tank Farm at the Apapa area of Lagos was not a bomb blast, but a gas explosion.

They said although the police and the Lagos State Fire Service were experts, some incidences leading to the tragedy should be investigated.

Two explosions occurred in the area on Wednesday with sources claiming that five persons died, while many others were injured.

One of the eyewitnesses, who pleaded anonymity, said two explosions occurred on Wednesday, but added that the second explosion was from a car.

He said, “The incident happened around 9pm on Wednesday night. A woman had parked a Toyota Sienna car in front of a bank here (pointing to the bank) and attempted to enter the Folawiyo Farm over there, but was refused entry by the securitymen at the gate. Few minutes later, we heard the first explosion.

“Not up to 10 minutes later, the car she parked exploded. The second explosion was more deadly because people died.”

Another eyewitness said, “I think the first explosion was like a trap to gather people to the scene of the second explosion. When the first explosion occurred, people rushed to see what was happening.

“I know one petty trader who lost her life as a result of the blast. I warned her not to go too close, but she would not listen. The whole thing happened like a movie. As people were converging, the second explosion occurred, killing some people. The media had reported that just five people died. You know Lagos lookers and how they behave. How do you think that only five people will be affected with the large crowd the first explosion was able to attract?”

The Lagos State Police Spokesperson, Ngozi Braide, however, said the command had deployed bomb detectives to the area, adding that investigations were ongoing.

She said, “We have deployed the Explosive Ordinance Department’s operatives in the area. As soon as they are through with their investigations, we will make them public.”