#BringBackOurGirls campaigners continue protest despite threats

Campaigners calling for the rescue of over 200 abducted girls have again pledged to remain resolute in their demand for the safe return of the girls despite threats and harassment by some groups.

During a sit out session of the group at the Maitama Amusement Park on Monday, most of the members asked the government to use whatever means within the law to rescue the girls.

The campaigners are also calling for deployment of security personnel to villages to forestall future attacks.

It’s almost 50 days since the girls were abducted by members of the Boko Haram terrorist group from their dormitory in Government Girls Secondary School in Chibok, Borno State and the protesters are insisting that the government must do its part to bring back the girls.

They are also asking government to negotiate with members of the sect.

Some indigenes of states affected by the insurgency said stories of abduction of girls and women are also on the increase.

A Borno State indigene and one of the Bring Back Our Girls campaigners, Idris Shehu, said the attacks and kidnap of young girls had made their relations flee their communities to neighbour communities and countries in search of food and better security.
“Our people have left our communities to other countries like Cameroun and Chad. We are no longer having supplies and people are suffering due to starvation and hunger. Dango is no longer supplying food here,” he said.
Meanwhile, the Unity Fountain, which was a beehive of activities, following series of protest by groups believed to be sponsored by unidentified persons, is now desolate.

The ‘Bring Back Our Girls’ protest group had been deprived entrance into the ground few days ago. They took the protest to the street and sat on mats by the road side.

While the campaign for the rescue of the abducted girls continues, many wonder how long it would take security agencies to rescue the abducted girls.

An Army chief last week said that the military had identified the location of the girls and was working to rescue them.

The terrorist group says it is ready to release the girls in exchange of members of the group help in detention camps across the country.