Akwa Ibom Assembly passes Gov. Akpabio’s N100million controversial pension bill

The Akwa Ibom State House of Assembly yesterday passed into law what appears to be the fastest bill forwarded to the assembly by the state Governor, Chief Godswill Akapbio.

The bill, “Governors and Deputy Governors Pension bill 2004” was forwarded to the House on May 15 by the governor demanding that it should come to effect on the June 1, 2014.

Yesterday the assembly passed the bill into law ignoring criticism by the indigenes of the state, particularly the Nigeria Labour Congress and the Civil Liberty Organisation.

A motion for the bill to be passed was moved by the Deputy Leader of the assembly, Dr. Ekaete Okon (PDP), having been read for the third time.

Following the secondment of the motion by Mr. Aniekan Akpan, member representing Ukanafun state constituency; the Speaker, Mr. Samuel Ikon, directed the clerk of the assembly, Mrs. Mandu Umoren, to forward a clean copy to the governor.

It was alleged that the 26 members of the assembly were paid about N25 million each to hurriedly pass the bill just as a planned protest by workers over the bill was shelved by their leaders.

Ikon had said if the majority of the lawmakers supported the bill, the view of the minority became inconsequential.

While reacting, the Chairman of the CLO, Mr. Clifford Thomas, said such a bill should have been subjected to a public debate since the money involved is Akwa Ibom fund.

The new bill as denied two former deputy governors of the state, Obong Chris Ekpenyong and Mr. Nsima Ekere as well as the current deputy governor, Valerie Ebe from benefiting.

The bill spelt out that “an indigene of the state who has held office as democratically elected governor or deputy governor of former Cross River State and a person who has held office as a democratically elected governor or deputy governor of the state shall when he ceases to hold the said office be entitle to certain benefits.

Such benefits include, pension for life at a rate equivalent to the salary of the incumbent governor or deputy governor.

Another benefit is the provision of a new official car and a utility vehicle once in every four years, one personal aide and the provision of adequate security during his lifetime at the expense of government.

Also, those entitled to the pension as recommended by the lawmakers are to be provided with funds to employ a cook, chauffeurs and security guards for the governor at a sum not exceeding N5million per month and N2.5 million per month for the deputy governor.

The bill equally made provision of free medical service for the governor and spouse at a sum not exceeding N100 million per annum for the governor and N30 million for the deputy governor.

Akpabio is equally seeking the law to provide a befitting house not below a five-bedroom mansion in either the Federal Capital Territory or Akwa Ibom State for the governor and a yearly accommodation allowance of 300 per cent of annual basic salary for the deputy governor.

There is provision of furniture allowance of 300 per cent of annual basic salary once in every four years; provision of yearly maintenance and fuelling of vehicle allowance of 300 per cent of annual basic salary.

“Provision of severance gratuity of 300 per cent of annual basic salary as at the time the officer leaves office; provision of yearly utility allowance of 100 per cent of annual basic salary; and provision of entertainment allowance of 100 per cent of annual basic salary,” the bill indicated.

The bill explained that a former governor or deputy governor who receives a severance gratuity under the provisions of the Public and Political Office Holders (Remuneration) Law cap. 101, Laws of Akwa Ibom State, 2000 (as amended), shall not be eligible to obtain any other severance gratuity under the law. Where a former governor or deputy dies, the bill stressed that government shall make adequate arrangement and bear the financial burden for his burial; and pay a condolence allowance of a sum equivalent to the annual basic salary of the incumbent to his next of kin.

“Provide one surviving spouse with medical allowance not exceeding N12 million per annum; provided that such a spouse was married to the Governor at the time he or she was in office, and if a wife ha served the state as first lady”.

However, Governor Akpabio in the bill said provisions of the law shall not apply to a former governor or deputy who resigned his office unless such resignation was on health grounds; or was removed from office by impeachment; or had not held office for a period of three years or more.


  1. Otunba Taiyese28 May 2014 at 11:38

    our politician are wicked

  2. Otunba Taiyese28 May 2014 at 11:38

    the outgoing gov want to mortgage the future of akwa ibom

  3. Otunba Taiyese28 May 2014 at 11:39

    the house of assembly members are is stooge


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