"Manchester City are mentally tired" - Pellegrini

Manuel Pellegrini admitted Manchester City are mentally tired after managing only a 2-2 draw with Sunderland, the Premier League's bottom team, at the Etihad Stadium that leaves their title hopes hanging by a thread.

The shock result leaves City six points behind the leaders, Liverpool, with only one game in hand.

While Pellegrini, who hopes the injured David Silva can return for Monday's visit of West Bromwich Albion, refused to concede his side's challenge is over, the dropping of two points to Sunderland comes only three days after City lost 3-2 at Liverpool.

This left the manager admitting his players are fatigued with only five matches left. Pellegrini said: "I think more mentally tired than physically tired. Mentally it was very difficult to play this game after Liverpool. At this moment it is more mental than physical. When it no longer depends on what you can do it is very frustrating but we must finish season the way we have done practically the whole season, we must try to win our last five games."

The result means Chelsea now also have the title in their hands. Beforehand only Liverpool had this advantage. The teams' meeting at Anfield on 27 April will potentially decide who will be champions.

However, Liverpool remain favourites as they require only 10 points from their remaining four matches.
Yet a defiant Pellegrini pointed to two years ago when, eight points behind with six games left, City took the crown on the final day. "We have to play five games more so we continue having chances, less chances than before this game. But we continue having chances and I repeat my duties now are to talk with the players and try and win these five games and at the end of the season we will see which team has most points.

"Remember this team two years ago were six points behind the leaders and they won the title at the end. So it is difficult but it is not the last game we play [tonight].

"Maybe in this moment Liverpool and Chelsea have better chances than our team because we are in third position but we still continue fighting until the last game."