"Jail break attempt not a threat to President Jonathan’s safety" - Presidency

The attempted escape by a detainee at the Aso drive headquarters of the State Security Service (SSS) did not in any way threaten the president’s safety, a Nigerian government official has said.

Spokesman for the president, Dr Reuben Abaiti, told Channels Television that the incident happened within the premises of the SSS headquarters and was quickly contained.
“It is true that this morning there was an incident at the SSS headquarters, known as ‘Yellow House’, but the incident has absolutely nothing to do with the Presidential Villa. But some mischievous persons have gone online to say, claim and promote the lie that President Jonathan is under threat and that the incident had something to do with the Villa but this is absolutely not true.

“I can tell you categorically and to all Nigerians that President Goodluck Jonathan is safe and well. What happened at the SSS headquarters has nothing to do with the president. There was absolutely no threat to the Presidency because whatever happened was contained within the premises of the SSS headquarters,” Dr Abati stressed.
He condemned the online publications that the president’s life was under threat, saying the publishers were peddling false tales in order to create unnecessary hysteria.

The detainee had attempted to escape from detention at 07:15 hours, when the Service Suspect Handler went to the detention facility within the Headquarters of the SSS to feed the suspects.

There is an unconfirmed report that the suspect disarmed and shot the officer before attempting to shoot his way out of detention.

He was however overpowered by other security operatives guarding the premises.