"PDP will shock APC with a historic landslide victory in 2015" - Uzodinma

A chieftain of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) and Chairman, Senate Committee on Aviation, Senator Hope Uzodimma, has assured Nigerians that the PDP will shock the All Progressive Congress (APC) with a historic landslide victory in all elections in 2015.

Uzodimma who represents Imo West in the senate and member of the PDP Board of Trustees (BOT) in a statement in Abuja on Tuesday, also predicted that his party would win minimum of 28 out of the 36 states of the federation.

He expressed confidence that the PDP would shock APC in the polls because the opposition party had been busy looking for media attention by playing to the gallery and also trying to create the impression of nonexistent popularity, saying in the process, the party has completely forgotten to address the real issues of governance.

“It is either the APC is issuing directives to cause disaffection in the National Assembly or they are celebrating the defection of one aggrieved PDP member or the other or they are making one provocative statement here and there just to catch media attention at the expense of real issues of governance,” the senator said.
The lawmaker said while the APC was busy chasing shadows, the PDP had gone back to the drawing board, networking with the grassroots and putting its house in order for 2015.
“Right now, as the clock ticks, our national chairman and his team are working round the clock to ensure that the PDP is stronger, more united and at home with the grassroots while opposition is busy gallivanting and sensationalising every trivial issue just to make media headlines,” he said.
He opined that the APC would wake up too late to discover that while they were busy savouring media euphoria over non-issues, majority of Nigerians have already made up their minds to vote for PDP because the PDP has remained focused, dependable and trust worthy.

The PDP chieftain noted that APC had the highest concentration of what he described as “most recycled politicians in Nigeria,” wondering what new idea or vision these politicians can offer that they could not offer in their former parties or positions.