Jose Mourinho brands Arsene Wenger 'Monsieur Polite' as feud continues

José Mourinho has branded Arsène Wenger "Monsieur Polite", suggesting that the Arsenal manager has an undeserved reputation for always being courteous, when he is the "bad guy". 

Mourinho remains unhappy at the Frenchman's claim last week that the Chelsea manager was playing down his side's championship hopes because he was scared to fail. While Wenger was careful to speak about Arsenal's general title rivals, Mourinho remains clear that he was being spoken about.

The Portuguese claims Wenger's comments were unprovoked. "The only thing I feel is that I was very quiet, in my place, and somebody spoke not in a nice way about us," he said. "After that I don't accept that one is always Monsieur Polite and the other one is always the bad guy. I don't accept, I'm sorry."

Chelsea were beaten 2-0 by Manchester City on Saturday to be knocked out of the FA Cup. Mourinho believes the referee, Phil Dowd, did not do his job correctly, with the manager claiming the official bowed to pressure from City players.

"We could speak about the referee's team that in the previous game they were perfect and [for City] Phil, when they put pressure on him, they couldn't cope and they change completely in the second half," Mourinho said. "We could speak about lots of things but let's be pragmatic and simple and say the best team won."