"Don’t leave politics to evil men" - Obasanjo urges Christians to join politics

Former President, Olusegun Obasanjo Sunday challenged genuine Christians who really fear God to play active in politics if Nigeria is to get out of the woods.

Obasanjo who spoke in Abeokuta Sunday, the Ogun State capital, insisted that the country was where it is (bad economy, insecurity and social vices, among others) because many of the politicians administering the affairs of the country are ungodly, declaring “politics is not for the ungodly”.

Obasanjo regretted that many genuine, honest and patriotic Christians have kept away from politics on the wrong assumption that politics and Christianity are poles apart and challenged Nigerians with the “fear of God and good Christian background to be in politics in order to correct the wrongs”.

Obasanjo spoke at a special thanks giving service to mark the fifth anniversary of the Chapel of Christ the Glorious King (CCGC), a church he built after leaving office.
Obasanjo who is the Church’s “Chief Promoter” commended Rev. Dr. S.T. Ola Akande who preached the sermon for his “sojourn” in politics stated “One of the beliefs in the Christian circles is that good Christians should not be in politics but this is a fallacy”.

He added: “If we will allow this to be, we shall be having only ungodly people in politics and this should not be, because if you leave politics without participating in it, only bad people will join it and will dominate it. We must encourage good Christians, those God have accepted to be in politics, or else what we would be witnessing will not be good.”


  1. Isaac Afolabi Olulade17 February 2014 at 17:29

    Who are they evil men ?

  2. Isaac Afolabi Olulade17 February 2014 at 17:59

    He should NOT take Agege bread and leak our Banga soup..he waste 10yrs there and do nonsence.... we are not ready to hear is ADVICE.

  3. Evil men ? What exactly is baba iyabo is saying ?Sir , are you saying only christian can make a good and honest politician ? Or no people of other religious beliefs can be a good politician,As an elder stateman sir, former president,old soldier like you should be careful of comments you make @ press confrences; those comments can be open to all kind of interpretations,here is the truth , since independence in 1960, Nigeria has been under one Evil man or the other up to this present day...and if I remember correctly you,ve occupied that highest office in the land twice and now you have audacity to preach to Nigerians about members of your club ;The evil men that have ruled and failed Nigeria...sir ,on your next medical check up ,I recommend you should ask your doctor to run some Alzheimer's test...because ,it seem you are now having selective memory...


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