David Beckham launches plan to build MLS team in Miami

David Beckham has described his Major League Soccer venture in Miami 'exciting' on the day he finally unveiled the country's new franchise - and claimed he can lure the world's best to his new side.

The 38-year-old's move into football ownership is expected to cost him £15million - around 25 per cent of the price other new clubs have to pay - and he instantly proclaimed he wants Miami to be home to 'The People's Football Club'.
Beckham had plenty of opportunities throughout America and Canada, but went for Florida - and he landed with a message.
'Players are already interested into coming and playing - who wouldn't? Great players will come here' Beckham claimed.

'We have a list of players (we want). Everyone knows who they want. These players are calling me up and sending me messages.

'It would be disrespectful for me as an owner to speculate, but we want the best.

'But I want to build an established academy and local players who want to reach the top.

'It's not just about taking the best players from Europe and South America. It's about bringing young talent through.
Asked why he chose Miami, the ex-England skipper quipped: 'Why not? All joking aside, I wanted to create a team that we can start from scratch with.
'This is an exciting time for myself, family and friends. We're really looking forward to bringing this to Miami.

'There was a team here 10 years ago but going forward I wanted to create a team that's very personal. I want to make it my own team.

'Miami is a vibrant city with a lot of passion. I know it's ready for football and this will be successful.

'I'm committed to this league and I'm committed to this sport.

'There are a lot of people who want to know what we're doing and how we're doing it. I'm not in this to make money.'
He added: 'I know what makes a good coach and what doesn’t, and we will have a good coach here.
‘Funnily enough, Sir Alex Ferguson didn’t call me or text me. He’s a great manager but he’s retired so we won’t pull him out of retirement.’
According to reports, Beckham is hoping to build a 25,000-seater ground on the Miami waterfront, and he confirmed that it's been promised that they will be 'downtown'.