Anti-gay law: Nigeria Govt accuses US and UK of double standards

The Nigerian Government has accused western nations of double standards over a new law banning same-sex marriages.

President Goodluck Jonathan endorsed the new law in January, effectively criminalizing same-sex marriages and public show of same-sex affection.

Nigeria has faced intense criticisms mainly from the United States and the United Kingdom over the legislations. The two countries have accused the government of violating the peoples’ rights.

Nigeria’s acting Minister of Foreign Affairs, Viola Onwuliri, said such criticisms stem from the “double standards” of the West.

Speaking to the News Agency of Nigeria, NAN, in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, on the sidelines of the just concluded AU summit, Ms. Onwuliri said President Jonathan signed the law in the interest of Nigerians and democracy.
“What happened in Nigeria is democracy in action and it will really be unfortunate that people who are talking about democracy when they now see democracy work, they want us to go against democracy,” she said.

“Is democracy for pick and choose? When it suites them they want us to do good governance and democracy, but when it does not suit them they want us to go against the democracy that has been put in place.

“The National Assembly took a decision, the National Assembly is the face of democracy in Nigeria, they are the representatives of the people, they form the voice of the people and they have spoken,’’ she said.
The European Union, Canada and the United States have criticised the new law, saying it negates the fundamental human rights of individuals enshrined in the Nigeria constitution.