Insecurity in Nigeria caused by politicians! – Maku

Nigeria’s Minister of Information, Mr Labaran Maku, has blamed the political class for the insecurity in the north-east.

Addressing a media conference in Abuja, Mr Maku said that local politics in the area snowballed into violence and resulted in the insecurity.

“All the security challenges we see in Nigeria was created by local politics. None of them was created by the Federal Government.

“The insurgency in the north-east is as a result of wicked politics and violent politics by some politicians. As a result of this crisis the government is spending more money in the north-east than in any part of Nigeria to maintain security.

“What they want to do is to destabilise Nigeria and destroy this country.
Mr Maku said that the Boko Haram sect was not fighting any religious war as they claimed. Instead, he said that the group was a bunch of criminals.
“If you are fighting a religious war, show me in the Quran where it says you should slaughter people.

“These are a group of criminals, who want to use religion to cause confusion in Nigeria. And politicians help by making inflammatory statements,” he stressed.

“Let it be clearly known. This present government will defend the territory of Nigeria and guaranty our unity no matter the cost,” he said hitting his hands on the podium.
Credit: Channels News 

True that Mr. Minister, this is an open secret!
Rather than shift blame from the Federal Govrnment, what effort is the government making to curb this act and the so-called politicians?!