2014 Budget: Federal Govt to spend N63billion on Niger Delta ex-militants

Nigeria’s Federal Government will spend N63.28 billion on Niger Delta former militants in 2014, figures in the new budget reveal.

Out of the amount, stipends and allowance for an estimated 30,000 militants will gulp N23.6 billion, about half of the N48billion spent on the militants in 2012.

This year, a programme for the re-integration of the militants will also cost the Nigerian treasury N35billion. Two years ago, the programme of re-integration cost N924million.

Operational cost for the running of the programme called Presidential Amnesty Programme is estimated at N3.7 billion, far less than the N12.8billion spent in 2012.

There is an additional charge of N546million this year, meant for what is called ‘reinsertion, transition safety allowances for 3,642 former militants who fall under a third phase of the amnesty programme.

Statistically, Nigeria will spend an estimated N2million on every militant captured by the programme this year.

Last year, the amnesty programme gulped N66.28 billion. It gulped N66.17 billion in 2012.

Credit: PM News  
How will militancy stop then?! Government is comfortable paying militants rather than provide basic amenities and infrastructures for the Niger Deltans ...only in Nigeria :(


  1. Hmmm what a colossal amount

  2. 63.28 billion naira on ex-militants? This is craze. ABSURD!!! This is promting crime in nigeria


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