Staffs of Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) embark on indefinite strike

The non-executive staff members of the Corporate Affairs Commission, on Friday, commenced an indefinite strike under the aegis of their union, the Amalgamated Union of Public Corporation, Technical and Recreational Services, AUPCTURE.

The aggrieved staff hosted a protest in front of the headquarters of the Commission in Abuja, on Friday.

The Vice Chairman of the Union, Bivan Stephen said the protest was based on lingering issues from 2010.
“Two years ago, our salaries were slashed by 9%; we want it returned with arrears from the day they stopped paying. We are not saying we should earn the same with the executives; all we want is for the salary structure to be looked into; let it carry a human face. A committee should be set up to look into the issue of salary disparity between the executive and non executives,” he said.
The union had entered into an agreement in 2010 with the management of the Commission to bridge the wide disparity in salaries between the executive and non-executive staff members. However, two years into the implementation of the agreement, the management reneged on it, the union leader said.

The union, therefore, on August 1, issued a 21-day ultimatum after which the management pleaded for more time to revert the salary cut of 9 per cent for non executive. A year later, following the failure of management to keep to their word, the union issued another 21-day ultimatum on 9 September, 2013.

A meeting was held on October 3 at the Ministry of Labour between the union and the commission’s management including, the Acting Registrar General; the Acting Director, Human Resources; and the Assistant Director, Human Resources. However, it ended in a deadlock.

The National Coordinator of the Union, Yusuf Buba explained that the meeting ended in deadlock because the executives had asked for another 21 days to look into the matter.
“Not to pay us, but to look into the matter,” he pointed out. “Above all, they are even considering paying without arrears which is not acceptable to us. In fact, their action is criminal.”

The commission’s offices were placed under lock and key as the staff quit the premises determined not to return until their demands are met.
I hope Nigeria herself wont embark on strike as well! Strike, Strike, Strike everywhere! SMH