REVEALED: Hoodlums fight over money and valuables found on plane crash victims

Some hoodlums on Thursday were seen exchanging blows and throwing bottles at one another over the money they found on the dead victims of the Associated Airline plane crash.

It was learnt that when the hoodlums were assisting in the evacuation of the victims, they allegedly searched the victims’ pockets for money and other valuable things.

It was also learnt that the fight ensued due to alleged ‘insincerity’ in the sharing of the money they stole from the dead.

One of the hoodlums, identified simply as Loko, was heard saying, “You won’t believe that after the whole rescue thing, we luckily found money and they don’t want to share it equally.”

SMH! when others are mourning lives lost?! Haba!

We need to constantly remind ourselves that "whatever a man sow, so shall he reap"!


  1. The masses they refuse to empower while alive become hoodlums desecrating their carcases. Karma

  2. Make dem share d valuables, so far na politician dead body dey are nt humans 2 me.

    1. they are humans too, lets all remember that


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