PHOTOS: 99mph storm hits Britain

Hurricane-force winds and torrential rain are battering southern England with gusts of almost 100mph ripping up trees, causing flash flooding and leaving at least 220,000 homes without power.

Millions of commuters have been left stranded and warned not to travel today unless it is essential, with at least 40 railway lines blocked, roads left impassable and hundreds of flights cancelled because of the most dangerous storm for years.

Several people have been injured after they were hit by pieces of falling trees as they went to work this morning.

The Environment Agency has 19 flood warnings and 147 flood alerts in place.

Trees have been brought down by high winds, damaging property, and a number of roads left impassable by floodwater.

A teenage boy is also feared dead after being swept out to sea in Newhaven, East Sussex yesterday afternoon.

The Met Office said wind reached more than 99mph at the Needles on the Isle of Wight at 5am, but less exposed areas are also being buffeted by 70mph gusts.