N255m Armoured Cars Scandal: Igbo group threaten to turn its back on President Jonathan if Stella Oduah is sacked

The minister was accused of purchasing two BMW bullet proof cars at the rate of N255 million.

The group which is an amalgam of various Igbo interest groups and unions spread across the 19 northern states of Nigeria said there is a driving force behind the attacks on Oduah.

Addressing a press conference in Kaduna, President of the group, Mazi Chima Amadi said the attention of group has been drawn to the deliberate, calculated and sustained campaigns against the minister and called on the President to be careful with the way he handles the issue.
“President Jonathan has a good rapport with the people of the South-Eastern part of Nigeria, a factor that contributed to his winning over 97 percent of Igbo votes during the 2011 presidential election. Princess Oduah is Igbo from South-East where she is highly respected. If president Jonathan succumbs to pressure and sacks her, the Igbo’s will turn their backs on the president in2015 even if he replaces her with another Igbo.

“190 of us were in Kaduna to hold a rally but had to make it a press conference due to the embargo of rallies on the state to voice out our concerns which we think are the driving forces behind the attacks on the minister. It is not a hidden fact that some aggrieved individuals and groups are not happy with the success of President Jonathan in 2011.

“These people have been planning day and night to hinder any form of success by this administration and furthermore do all they could to scuttle Jonathan’s 2015 ambition. Part of their strategies is to make the president part ways with those who intellect, goodwill and ideas contributed to the President’s election victory in 2011 and to create disharmony between the president and his electoral strong hold,” he said.
The group, while highlighting some of the ministers achievements said “for the first time in over thirty years, the aviation sector is wearing a new look with scaling up of efficient service delivery and 21st century modernization”.
We thrive in tribalism in this part of the world! Until we start to see ourselves as Nigerian rather than our ethnicity, we have a long way to go in this country!

Let's come together to fight corruption irrespective of the the culprit's tribe!