Another air disaster averted as IRS Airline plane makes emergency landing in Kaduna

Another air disaster was averted on Sunday as a plane belonging to IRS Airline made an emergency landing in Kaduna, north-west Nigeria.

It was reported that the aircraft’s hydraulic system developed a problem warning, thereby forcing the pilot to take a precautionary measure by asking ground control to confirm that all gears were down and locked.

“The front tyres didn’t come out on time and the pilot had to land the plane without its tyres out,” an airport source said.

It was learnt that the plane, 3390 was carrying passengers from Lagos to Kaduna.

“There was no casualty” the source confirmed.

The aircraft had 89 passengers on board.

Some days ago, a chartered Associated Airlines plane crashed in Lagos seconds after take-off, killing 15 people.
Whats with air mishap and near-mishap lately! the federal government need to declare a state of emergency on our aviation sector in my opinion!