S500 Intelligent Drive: the self-driving Mercedes-Benz unveiled!

Daimler, the maker of Mercedes-Benz and Smart cars, has announced that it will start selling a self-driving car by 2020.

It is thought the car will be able to drive on its own in most situations but will still hand control back to the driver during difficult situations such as dealing with traffic lights.

The move could help Daimler regain its position as the leading luxury car market from its rival BMW.

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‘We want to be the first to launch autonomous functions in production vehicles. You can be sure: we will accomplish that in this decade,’ said Daimler head of development Thomas Weber.

The technology featured at this week's Frankfurt car show but won’t come to market for another 10 years

The German car maker has been working on improving its driverless technology over the past few years and recently became the world’s first car manufacturer to demonstrate autonomous driving in rural and urban traffic.


  1. How lazy are some people that the car has to drive itself?

  2. More useless inventions to increase laziness? and what of 'turning control back over to driver'? What if the driver has dozed off and doesn't react fast enough to regain control in a difficult situation?

    A high speed death trap!

  3. This is craziness


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