REVEALED: Kenya Mall terrorists rented out a shop inside the complex for 3 months and smuggled in weapons before the attack!

From DailyMail,
The Islamic militants who stormed the Kenyan mall rented a shop inside the complex apparently to store a cache of guns and explosives before the attack, it was claimed today.

The Kenyan Interior Ministry said the terror group may have had control of the store for three months leading up to the siege which has left as many as 72 shoppers dead.

Law enforcement officials believe the arsenal of weapons used in the atrocity were smuggled in, which suggests they may have been kept inside the shop during that time.

The claims were made as Kenya began a forensic investigation inside the mall with the help of British counterparts to establish the identities of the victims and terrorists.

There is a possibility that UK nationals may be found in both groups.

Kenyan forensic experts - aided by American and Israeli specialists - are working to reconstruct what happened in the attack. British forensic experts are also expected.

'We have moved to the next phase,' Joseph ole Lenku said, adding agencies from Germany, Canada and the United States as well as the police agency Interpol were also assisting.

He said he did not expect the death toll, now at 72, to rise significantly and only expected to find more bodies of slain assailants.

Earlier, the Somali terror group Al Shabaab today claimed that 137 hostages they had seized in the mall had died.

Officials were not able to verify the figure, which is higher than the number of people officially registered as missing, and higher than the figure of 72 dead, including five islamic extremists, given by Kenya's president.

The Al Qaeda-linked fighters, in a message posted on Twitter, said '137 hostages who were being held by the mujahideen' had died, and appeared to lay the blame on Kenya's government.


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