"La Liga is boring compared to the Premier League" - Cazorla

Arsenal midfielder Santi Cazorla says he has no regrets about swapping La Liga for the Premier League as English football is more exciting than the Spanish league.

The former Villarreal and Malaga midfielder says despite being one of the smaller players in the league that height is no longer an issue.

Speaking to Sport magazine, Cazorla believes that with Real Madrid and Barcelona being so far ahead of other sides in La Liga whereas the Premier League is far more unpredictable.

He told Sport: ‘In Spain now, it’s more tactical, I think – more boring. For me, Barcelona and Madrid are so far ahead from the rest.

‘But in England it’s far more level, more competitive. For me, it’s better. It’s possible, for example, that Manchester City play against Cardiff and lose. In Spain, it’s normal that Real Madrid play against Real Mallorca and win, win, win – it’s very difficult for other teams.

‘The Premier League is more fun, I think. But I still watch Spanish football – I always will, because Villarreal and Malaga are teams that I love.’


Of course it is! La Liga only have two teams, Barca and Madrid! LOL #teamEPL


  1. Spot on. I v been saying this for a very long time

  2. I totally agree that epl is more exciting real madrid and barca's match against weaker teams is always a bonus whereas in epl small or weaker teams sprangs surprises by beating top teams most often time

  3. Just a question for u guys - where are the world stars in football? - La liga of course. That says it all

  4. Goan sit down anon16.13. Epl is far better than la liga, followed by bundes liga and serie a

  5. All hail EPL! The best league in the world. Bite me :)


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